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Ashley from Malaysia
email: lawkewei@indesignbuild.com

How to tame my hamster?? Every time i touch it, it will scurry away or sometimes even bite me!!
Anne from Canada
email: sporty_punkster003@hotmail.com

I need help I think one of my hamster is sick with sticky eye and need help
Jessica from United States
email: jessnoopy15@yahoo.com

Hi,I have 2 russian dwarf hamsters.They are now 9 mon.We have 2keep them in different cages because of a fight.1 is named Hannah montana he is a boy we just found out.other is Wyatt he is a boy also.i got them in Dec. of 2008.Please email any picturs or any thing 2 solve there fights. thanks.: ) Jessica from Tennessee
margaret from Malta
email: margaretjones@gmail.com

Hi We have four hamsters at home. Two males named Hamtaro and Haminu and two females named Tiny and Hamina. We love them so much.
lauren from United States
email: lilsoccergal@Gmail.com

Hey yall'! luv the website!!!!russian campbell's are cute!! :) lauren
Natalie from United Kingdom
email: partypenguin@hellokitty.com

hi! really great site! next time we go to supermarket me and my dad are going to buy a coconut and make the coconut sleeping home! Hamsters~will~ALWAYS~Rule ;)
Deanna from United States
email: lunar_dance1994@yahoo.com

my hamster if the cutest fluffyiest ever and she never bites and she is still a little baby so she really cute and small holler at me (peace)
Anna Wilkens from United States
email: akwilkens@yahoo.com

I have a cutie hanster he is the cutest of his kind!!!!!!
karl laksmana from Indonesia
email: karl_laks17@yahoo.com

HI! i have a total of 7 hamster: 2 syrians, 1 roborrovski, 4 winters. one of my syrians are pregnant now.
Gina Boisvert from United States
email: gbboisvert@yahoo.com

I am a adult hamster lover. I have a golden syberian female named Zamboni. She is so sweet and fun and named for her love to run around all over the place.

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