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alannah from Australia
email: hollyamb@yahoo.com

i love hamsters love them! and i am getting one tomorrow YAY my friend had over 20 mice in her life
HAMSTER from #

hamster crazy from United Kingdom

i love hamsters so much but this webbsite makes it all!
Kaitlyn from United States

Hi thanks for this wonderful website!!!!
Angelo from USA
email: lacapangelo@yahoo.com

Hi I like hamsters :D
michalis from Cyprus
email: michalisandreou2008@hotmail.com

chloe from United Kingdom
email: chloe@rrcnjc.karoo.co.uk

hello this i chloe i have had 3 hamsters in my life so far 1 died and i have 2 now 1 called jeremy and the other snowflake and the 1 who died was called pip or called pippa
Ashley from Malaysia
email: lawkewei@indesigbuild.com

Hi again...just wanna ask u how old my hamster can live to???? My hamster is now 1 year and 2 months....
Ashleyyyy. (: from United States
email: skittl3szfoshoo@aol.com

I Love Hamsterrrs. (: I Have One Namedd Cookie That My Grama Gave Meee. Hes Adorableee. Rite Now He Keeps Scratching Alot If AnyOne Culd Help Me Out On Wut It Mite Bee. ??
Nana from United States
email: mtruax9@insightbb.com

I really love hamsters. I don't have one right now but my granddaughter has one named Cookie that I have her for Christmas and he is very cute.

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