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jessica from Indonesia
email: jessica10061991@yahoo.com

Hi!!! i'm very haPpy to kNow thiz web.. coz it LEt Me to know morE about my hamster.. hehe :D
Nighthawk from Malta
email: kjnighthawk@gmail.com

Great! At last, something good about hamsters from Malta! Keep it up!
Jacqueline from United States
email: jaroforeos@yahoo.com

My son and I started with one Dwarf Hamster and then we loved them sooo much that we got more. We got four more. Then we had a friend that gave us six more. We took some to the pet store. Then we started to breed them now people adopt them. We have Winter Whites Campbell Dwarf Hamsters. We have eighteen very loved wonderful hamsters. Seven of them need loving homes. We love greatly and enjoy letting them sit on our hands and they love to crawl up our arms... Thank you, for having this site. God Bless, JAR & JCR
Jibbles from United States
email: lucky4me243@gmail.com

Hi its Jibbles from Mad About Hamsters! Great site!!! I love hamsters!
alissa from Canada
email: alissadcolborne@hotmail.com

HEYYY i have a russain campells dwarf hamster named chippy and she is cute anyways bye bye
Diana from USA
email: diana.pacheco5@gmail.com

I think hamsters r really cute i have 2 baby ones named shila and shyla
trina from Bangladesh

i have a cute hamster called helma
Meg from USA

Thank you so much! I just got 4 male dwarf Robo hamsters and I learned alot about their size, temperment and life span from your site! Rhino, Fuzz, Pickles and Joe will appreciate your tips! I love the info about their temperment; Pickles escaped one evening due to handling but was safely found and retuned to its cage the next afternoon.
Patrick Furlong from Canada
email: pfurlong@darkknight.ca

Thought I'd say hi and thanks for the great articles. I was looking for info on older hamsters - my son has one that is 3 years and 2 months old so far. He has begun to have some trouble with his hind legs over the past couple of months, but still loves to curl up with my son and I for cuddles.
stevencia from United States
email: bstevencia@yahoo.com

i luv this website because it helped me alot with my new hammie. shes only 6 months and her name is izzy. i love her some much. keep up the good work! :D

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