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Hamster Online Games

This section features fun hamster-themed games.

Hamster Tube Match

The Hamster Tube Match Game is the ultimate puzzle game that combines simple fun with strategic swists.

How to play: Clear away as many coloured balls to reach the next level and plan your moves to collect large groups of the same colour to hit that high score.


Hamster Game :: Hamster Memory GHamster Tube Match

Hamster Piano Player

Create your own sounds with this virtual piano.

How to play: Use your mouse and click the piano keys.


Hamster Game :: Hamster Memory Game

Hamster Memory Game

The aim in this hamster game is to find pairs. When the game starts, all hamster cards lie with their backs facing the players. On the front of the cards, there are different pictures of hamsters and the players need to turn cards with the same hamster.


Hamster Game :: Hamster Memory Game

Hamster Quiz

An interactive Hamster Quiz to help you know more about Hamsters and checking your knowledge about pet Hamsters!


Hamster Game :: Hamster Quiz

Hit the Grinch

Hit with the hammer as many grinches as you can so you can save all Hamsters' Christmas. Don't Hit the Hammy, Father Christmas or Rudolph as you'll lose points.

How to play: Move the hammer with your mouse and to make the hammer hit something, click on your left mouse button. Do not hit the hamster.


Hamster Game :: Hit the Grinch

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