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blondie from United States

i have a hamster and her name is spaz. her nickname is hami. she's THE CUTEST hamster EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! ILOVE HER!!=)
Grace from United States
email: mattspahr@yahoo.com

I just got my pet hamster and her name is Cinnamon. She is very fiesty when my Mom or Dad try to pick her up. I hope to learn alot from your web site.
augusta from United States
email: augustatiedemann@yahoo.com

I have a baby , his name is keme. I got him not to long ago, He is a rolly polly hamster. He is my best friend.
Emylie & Zoey Miles from USA
email: emylie.simbamufasa@gmail.com

Im Emylie and Zoey is my honey hamster We love this site its the best hamster site every and that it's awesome for hamster research.
Averi Hill from #

I have a hamster. Her name is Izabella. She is the cuyest little thing!
Charlie Wilson from Scotland

Very quick reply to my issue, thanks very much. Highly recommended
poppy from United Kingdom
email: popixdyer@yahoo.co.uk

this site is great! i have learned how to tame my hamster cos of this! thank you!x
Alexis from United States
email: misskitty0110@yahoo.com

I just got a dwarf hamster and a i have had a teddybear hamster they love eachother but not i dare put them in the same cage
Boo from Canada
email: boo_the_kool@hotmail.com

I Love this site. It has so much info in one easy to find place. keep it up
jojo from United States
email: jojodebose@yahoo.com

i have a hamster named penny and i can not get her to stop biting me so i am going to use this site to help me train her

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