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jojo from Antarctica
email: jojodebose@yahoo.com

i have a hamster named penny and she is so sweet but i can not get her to stop biting me so im gonna use this site to teach me
Corrine from United States
email: enihusky@gmail.com

I love hamsters. I just got a teddy bear hamster yesterday and her name is Poptart. She's golden banded and is so sweet and shy C:
Louise from United States
email: louise_florez@yahoo.com

How do you sign up for it
Analise from USA

I love Hamsters! I'm going to get one named Gizmo!
king from United States
email: pennst.nittanylions@live.com

how do you sign up:p?
Kinsey from United States
email: Kinseylovesdada@live.com

Hello,I love your site,But where do you join?
Kinsey from United States
email: kinseylovesdada@.live.com

Hello,I am 9 years old and My hamster just had 12 babies,I am confused because the pet store said the hamsters are all males,My parents want to get rid of all the babies and there is barely anyone in my neighborhood who wants baby hamsters!! please help!!
Maya W. from Colombia

Hello this page had helped me a lot, specially the behavior section. bye
sara taylor from United States
email: saralovesherbaby20@yahoo.com

i have 3 hamster and i want to know how to get my frist one to get use to the other 2
carrie soler from USA
email: soler.carrie@yahoo.com

heyy my name is carrie but u can call my carriebaby822. i have a hamster

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