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Ashli from USA
email: AshLew90@yahoo.com

Hello! I have Chinese, Roborovski, and Campbell's hamsters. This website helped me alot for learned about them! I highly recommend you! Thanks
Michaela DeGraw from Canada

Heeyy, I'm from Chilliwack BC. I'm getting a hamster tonight and this website totally helped tons !!! Thanks <3 -Michaelaa.
savannah from United States
email: princeleo05@aol.com

i <333 this website i found it on google i have a boy and a girl dwarf and this wesite iz awesome :D
Anne Evans from United States
email: evansat@yahoo.com

I am a new hamster "mom." I tamed "Hilton" in two evenings. I put him in a dry, clean bathtub. I then joined him wearing a baithing suit. It took about an hour for Hilton to decide to crawl all over me. I probably would not have had to do this for the second evening, but I wanted to be certain we had a strong bonding.
kayla thuet from USA
email: kmt720@live.com

this website rocks i have learned alot thanks i am your number one fan
Paris 954 from United Kingdom
email: Perfectparisreveira@yahoo.co.uk

Hi Everyone, I'm Paris and I love Hamsters ; I have a boy called Leo he is so cute a white Syrian !
Jess from United Kingdom
email: jessienotposh@btinternet.com

I just got a Hamster and i called him : Sir Valentino - Diamonte
Andreas from Malta
email: andreasgalea@gmail.com

great website :D ! proset
Laura from United States
email: florenlauri@hotmail.com

i just got a hamster named Melvin on Sunday April 19th, 2009.
poppy from United Kingdom
email: popixdyer@yahoo.co.uk

hi, i have a hamster called pikmin, i tried to potty train him, by putting his poo in a pot so he thinks it's he's toilet, but he ate it. [the poo] help!

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