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Analise from USA

Jasper, my hamster, is a Chinese dwarf hamster. He loves to be held and be played with! He eats his carrots and sometimes an apple... but he's the fattest hamster alive! (and the cutest!!!)
Samantha from Singapore
email: samantha-sammi@hotmail.com

This is the best best best website i ever seen (:< I will tell everyone abt this as mostly 20% of my friends are keeping hamsters (:<
Noloplababy from
email: gkj19@yandex.ru

Yooooou. Yoyr site are the bestest one. Thanks a lot
Cleyanne De La Calzada from Philippines
email: crystalcleyanne@yahoo.com

Hi. Is chocolate poison to hamsters? And my hamster defecates all over the cage, and I hear that they choose only one spot. Should i be worried? She is a Siberian hamster :D
Clarice from Philippines
email: aiztrange_12@yahoo.com

hello.. my hamsters name are BEBE,ABBA,and WITTY i am just keeping a budget for their bigger cages .. and toys so that they will be happy.. You know... i am so afraid that my hamster will only last for up to 4 years .. haayy.. but the happiness they gave me will not vanish ..
Clarice from Philippines
email: aiztrange_12@yahoo.com

hello.. i have three hamsters, all are teddy bear kind. one of them has sticky eye(right eye).. sometimes he can open it like normal.. but it kept coming back. Can i do something?? And i also wonder if my female hamster is pregnant. how could i know??
maggi from United States

this web site helps a lot i have ahamster named humphrey and when i can't find info in my books i come here humphrey is a golden hamster i love her
kenya from United Kingdom
email: kenya.98@hotmail.co.uk

i have 2 hammys and there douth girls they r sooooooo cute :)
Lilly from #

Wow, i have two hamsters one is called angel the other is called whiskers. This site has everything i have just found out that my hamsters are a different breed.I adore the game and the site!Woo hamster club rocks!
hannah from United Kingdom
email: ponymadhan@mypostoffice.co.uk

This sight rocks! I have had two hamsters one called Herbut he always usd to get out of his cage, my newest hamster Ginger is so cool he is really cute and he just wants th say a big hi to everyone. My sister Katie loves to make a fuss of him, but the funniest thing is he had never bitten eny one in his life untill my gran came to stay, he sore her finger ad bit it but she was alright after.

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