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aiztrange from Philippines
email: aiztrange_12@yahoo.com

hello admin. Thank you very much for the information and for uploading the pictures.. Great site.
denise from Malta

hi i have a hamster and his name is furball. he is small and cute. he is black. i am his owner but i share him with my sister. that is the info i can give
amandathehamsterlover from Singapore
email: amanda98@singnet.com

hi peeps!!!!!!My hamster are very happy.hammer is very energetic while hammy is lazy but every morning they will run on their wheel then u will be able to hear the screechin g sound of the wheel it just keeps me up!!!!!soooo long hamster lovers . hope your hammys are doing well!
Katie from United States

I am a hamster lover, even though I do not have one yet )))): And trying to convince my parents to get me a Roborovski, I found LOTS and LOTS of help here!!
lauren from USA
email: lilhamilton99@charter.net

I am happy I am here
Analise from USA

Every hamster owner needs 2 come 2 this site! My hamster thinks so!
dwarfhamsterlover2009 from USA
email: lizziebear98@sbcglobal.net

i love this site. i also love hamsters. its so cute when they sleep and curl into a little ball. my dwarf hamster is all white with black eyes but when she sleeps she looks like a snowball.
Ellie from United States
email: jenniferyanke@cox.net

my hamster Hammy, just wants to say "Hi!!!!!!" to the peeps out there. Hammy is so,so cute. a lot of people luv him. i know that Hammy can climb the bars of his cage. i can feel his soft tummy. he stuffs his cheeks a lot. he luvs me. i luv him too. we want to marrie each other. we both think this site rocks. Hammy luvs this site and so do i. we luv hamsters. me and Hammy want to luv this. but wait! we do! i want to marrie this site. so dose Hammy. can we marrie this site? i luv every1 on this site. i luv the createor. evrey1 on this site luv this site! i luvv hamster club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who ever hates this site is a loser. of corse no1 would hate this site. i luv this site so much.
Ellie from United States
email: jenniferyanke@cox.net

I love this website. It's so cool. I love hamsters more.
Homebodyhubby from Philippines

Nice site. Very informative!

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