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Valerie Bugeja from Malta
email: valeriess@hotmail.com

Thanks Nadia for your support.
Ali from United Kingdom
email: chemical_reactionz@hotmail.com

This website is soo kewl!! =D My hamster's name is Whisky =D
kali from #

this site rocks
kk17 from United States

this wed site has every thing ..i have to hamsters
Angel from USA
email: angellk98@hotmail.com

Hi everyone! I am Angel. My hamster, Midnight, wants to talk to you! Hi I'm Midnight the black bear hamster. I am so fluffy and puffy and cute! Thank you Angel, for taking good care of me! thank you Tara and Josh, for buying my supplies. Thank you Kelsey and Justin, for buying me and bringing me to Angel! I love my life! I have been at the Kellar's since May 16 2009. I have been there for almost a year! Thank you for taking your time a reading my ultra cute thing. Tank woo! teehee
Angel from #

Hey!!!! I have an adorable black bear hamster named Midnight Hammy Fluffers Puffers Kellar (Midnight for short). Midnight is so awesome! we've had him for almost a year now, thanks to my aunt kelsey and her boyfriend, Justin. Thanks guys!
George from United Kingdom
email: georgem_richardson@tiscali.co.uk

my hampter is called SPENCER mainly from icarly but when my mum said call him freddie from icarly i thaught naaa i will call him spencer
George from United Kingdom
email: georgem_richardson@tiscali.co.uk

i got a hampster and he chewed out of his cage ! ! ! !
Analise from USA

I got a hamster named Jasper! He loves running in his ball!
kaley from Canada
email: kaley_perrin12@live.ca

heeeyy , Im kaley. From SJ/NB and i have a hamter Cubbie. I totally LOVE this site! , (:

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