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Krista from United States
email: gkbuser@q.com

I am a Syrian hamster lover in Iowa!
Julie from United States
email: unipod123@gmail.com

Me and my friend LOVE this website. It is very helpful and I hope that everybody likes it.
Hannah from USA
email: Hannahlovesbieber99@gmail.com

love your site!
Hamster Club from Malta
email: info@hamster-club.com

@ mckenna I sent you an email with regards to your hamster question.
mckenna. from United States
email: mckenna418copher@aol.com

hi! i love your website but there is something wrong with my hamster that i can't find on here. she is breathing very fast and wont eat or drink. she is very active and i don't think it is a cold.
Karla Velmonte from Philippines
email: karla.velmonte@yahoo.com

:D i joined to gain more knowledge of my lovely pet hamsters :D
Mildred C. Laroya from Philippines
email: Mildred.Laroya@yahoo.com

Thanks for allowing to join in this group....I love hamsters because they joy in our family.
AR Rabbittry from Malaysia
email: adamsuhab@yahoo.com

im an animal lovers,rite now i have 22 rabbits,6 hedgehog,4 guinea pigs & 1 hammy..:)
Dane Vettina Vallesteros from Philippines
email: aina_vettina@yahoo.com

Your site helps me and my babies (my hamsters ^^ )a lot..
jennifer scott from United States
email: jenniferscott5678@gmail.com

I love your page.

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