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Ling from Canada
email: longpang@hotmail.com

Hamster club is very great, it help me answered with many questions that I had before. ^-^
Lesley Patterson AKA Lady Opaque from United States
email: LadyOpaque@att.net

I LOVE your site! When I was a brand new hammy owner it helped me understand, learn and find ways to care for my hamsters properly and ways to pamper them. It helped a great deal in making me feel certain I was doing the best I could for them and they were healthy and lived a long time. I also like how your site recently started doing writing contests and have enjoyed reading other's stories and I really liked writing my own which is currently in the lead and I'm very excited about that. I truly hope to win the prize because I know the hamster book you've published is going to be a very helpful book for me to have as my hubby recently agreed to let me get a new baby hamster for my b-day on Nov 1st since my beloved Miracle passed away at the beginning of this year and we haven't had hamsters for a while now. I miss the sounds they made late at night because we had them in the room with us, the scurrying in the food bowl, the squeak of the wheel, all the little things at the time that I found a lil irritating while trying to sleep I now miss it all with all my heart. Thanks for making such a great site for hamsters & their owners, I am proud to be a part of it.
brandie largeie from United States
email: moonstarbaby@live.com

i would like to vote for leslie patterson and mirale
Peyton M. from United States
email: peytonmg@comcast.net

Hey all you hammy fans have a great fall. P.S. HAMSTERS ROCK!!!!!!
Vikki Shih from United States

it's great to be a part of the hamster community again. i was very active on Flickr when my hammies were alive but after they all passed i took a break. i love this group. i get to hear stories share mine, share my knowledge and even learn new things. :) thanks for bringing us all together <3
Beth Randall from United States
email: beth@crittercamp.biz

Hi from Critter Camp! www.crittercamp.org We rescue small pets that are considered not adoptable and many were going to be euthanized in shelters- we give them a safe place to live their lives- right now we care for about 30 hamsters here! We love them all!
Phoebe Wong Yan Yee from Malaysia
email: phoebewongyanyee@gmail.com

This website abut hamsters is so awesome! This is like the best website that has the best advices, tips, and other stuff that all new hamsters owners should read about.
Patty H from United States
email: allyssalyn@hotmail.com

Thanks so much for your site. When I had troubles with my Fur Babies, (especially the last one that we had to put down because of a Tumor) you were here to give me the best information possible to help them. Now that I have my new babies, I look to your site to get the newest information on feeding and caring for my little boys. Your Site is great!
Catherine Pledger from United Kingdom
email: csp71170@hotmail.co.uk

Hamsters,Angel 2013,Teddybear 2011,Chester 2011,Princess 2011 and Pink[my 1st hammy] 2009 all never forgotton always in my heart brought so much love and joy RIP little ones.Thank you Nadia Hamster club.Catherine Pledger sept 2013.
Christina Rix from USA
email: sapphire279@aol.com

Really loving this page- Thank you! :)

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