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Bryan from Australia

I love this website, helpfully to understand more about hamsters. thank you !
Lara from United Kingdom

Really useful site, I love the cute photos. I have a Robo called Pumpkin
DL from Canada
email: dmlowes35@yahoo.ca

Good site! it helped me to decipher my hammy's behavior :)
Cynthia Thurman from United States
email: sexycin.cvn@gmail.com

I love looking at all the pictures and all the helpful suggestion that this page has....thanks so much!!
J-J from United States
email: unipod123@gmail.com

I have a hamster and my friends think she is sooooooooo cute!! Her name is Cookie and she is inspiring all my friends to get hamsters and join the fun too! I want them to join Hamster Club so they can read all the helpful stuff about hamsters! One of my friends is getting a Russian Dwarf. She is going to name it Rose or Chichi (cute!) and Hamster Club is extremely helpful for my hamster! It has plenty of information on how to take care of a hamster and articles that I read daily to take care of my hamster and it lists types of hamsters that my friends can choose from. I love it! Thank you. J-J
Alayna from United States
email: superpikachu2010@gmail.com

I love hamsters! I have had six in the past, and have 2 teddies now. Their names are Poptart and Jellybean.
nicola Jayne from England
email: n.j.redshaw@btinternet.com

Hi everyone I just found this website it great to see so many people love hamster. I am nicola Jayne and I'm 37 and I just got a new hamster his name is minty . I have had hamster before but it been about 7 years ago. I have lost some of my knowledge base so I will ask for your help from time to time and if I make some new friends that would be great I am on Facebook so you can drop a line there but it might take some time a few days to get reply as I look after my nana her name is betty and it her first time with a hamster she 85 she named the hamster and he got his name as he the colour of a after eight mint back chocolate with a light under belly with white mixed in. Hope to hear from you soon
Dewi from Italy
email: Dewi.Wihardja@gmail.com

They are cute little fluffy pet. I used to have like 30 hamsters, all roborovskis, most of them were normal/agouti and some white-faced. They are really cute. I remember how my heart broke apart when one of my favorites among them died at only 2 years old ... Some of mine could live until 3.5 years old. I also had some winter white too, though never the golden winter white. They are calmer if compared with roborovski but my destiny had always been to have more roborovski at my care :-)
Maja from Serbia and Montenegro
email: bogicmaja@yahoo.com

I just love this little creatures :)
Jeremy Mitchell from United States
email: jeremymitchell251@gmail.com

I love hamsters! I remember one time, my hamster had his cheeks full of food, and he was trying to get his cheeks through a tube!

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