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Zita Lorn Kuntze from Philippines
email: zitalornr@yahoo.com

Hi. I love Hamsters so much. I have two 2 year old hamsters and eight 1 year old hamsters, total of 10 hamsters, 4 boys, 6 girls. Thanks for having this site. This is wonderful for us hamster lovers. More Power.
Riona from Ireland
email: hoppinkangaru@yahoo.co.uk

Hi peoples! :) I used to have a dwarf russian hamsters but he was put to sleep by the vet this march because he had a tumor. RIP little Cloudy. I'm getting another hamster soon though! WooHoot Hamsters Rock!!!
STINA from Georgia

Betsy Boo from Australia
email: brl.7@btinternet.com

Hi i SOOOOO new to htis site so can u tell me how to sign up to make an acount on this? or an you!!! I still love the site!!!!!!!!!!
Ashleigh from England
email: ashleighwebb@hotmail.co.uk

I Love Hamsters <3 x
Kelsey from United States

I find this site very helpful and cool! It will make my life with a hamster my more relaxed!
sophie and ashleigh from England
email: sophie_ist_kool@hotmail.com

We love our hamster his name is jojo and at the moment we are looking for the best suitable cage for him. We have had so many diffrerent hamsters and we never ever get board of them! everytime one passes away another comes to our house my sister is completly in love with all the hamsters she has had she has had to many but she dont care she just wants more and more ! We Love Hamsters!! x
sophie from England
email: sophie_ist_kool@hotmail.com

We love our hamster me and my sister ashleigh everytime one hamster passes away another comes along straight after we just love them so much and cant get anuff of them! Are hamster at the moment is called jojo my sister named him that. We Love Hamsters!! xxxx
Angel from USA
email: angellk98@hotmail.com

Happy Birthday Hamster Club! My hamster sadly passed away on September first, 2009. May Midnight Hammy Fluffers Puffers Kellar rest in peace<3
amber mai turner from United Kingdom
email: amber_mai_11@hotmail.co.uk

hellloooo this is a verrry guurrrdd sitee i enjoyed the games and thank you for all the information it realllyy helpedd

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