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Jess from United Kingdom
email: jessienotposh@btinternet.com

THhis site is fab! I have a Hamster called Sir Valentino-Diamamnte he is 2 years old, he loves this site too!!
Helena from Mexico
email: mara_kisa@hotmail.com

Hello, your page is great, I would love to know if I can join the Club. I just got a new hamster and would appreciate every tip you can provide. Thanks.
Mackenzie from United States
email: mackenzie.paws@live.com

How can I create an account on Club-Hamster? I have a hamster and I would LOVE some tips on better taking care of her. I really want to join the club, wait, is this even a club to join? Please let me know! Thank You, Mackenzie
Laura Prince and Chris Turner TEXAS from USA
email: koolaidsmiledd@yahoo.com

Our beloved dwarf hamster "CHUBBY BEARS" a.k.a. "CHUBBERS" will be missed dearly. He passed away today 9/22/09. We had him for 5 short months. I don't know how to break the news to my 7 year old son when he comes to visit us. Any suggestions? Should I bury him now or wait 2 weeks until my son visits again? If so where do I keep chubbers for the mean time?
Angelica from United States
email: Spygirl498@aol.com

i love hamsters this helped me take care of my new darf hamster Chewy ! Chewy says: Nice Website squeak!
delaney from Uruguay
email: delaneynb@aol.com

I love hamsters!! They are soooooooooooooooo cute!!
Annalin from United States
email: kfplachta2002@yahoo.com

Hi, my name is Annalin and my hamsters name is Mr. Fruity. I hope to take some video of him and post it on this site in the next day or two.
becky loberg from United States
email: grebolbok@cox.net

how do you know the age of a hamster when buying it at a petco store? What do you do when the hamster breaks/loses a tooth? please help. We recently got Teddy and now he is missing a top tooth! It was there one minute and gone the next.
desteny o from United States
email: black_straykat@yahoo.com

great site, it's very helpful! i just got my teddy bear hamster today and he's great. i named him rainbow. he is very tame and loves being on my hand
Andrew from Philippines
email: dracs69@gmail.com

Great site devoted to hamster :) I just bought a pair last week and named them Heman and Shera ^_^ Andrew

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