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Mikayla from Georgia
email: mikaylaschiller@yahoo.com

Im a hamster lover! I have one hamster named Lily,she's very lonly.
Ashleigh&Rachel from United Kingdom
email: ashleighwebb@hotmail.co.uk

Heeey.... WE LOVE HASTERS :) xxx
Rachel Allison Harper from USA
email: rhducklover@earthlink.net

Hi And Thank You
ANGEL from Trinidad and Tobago
email: carsellalove@hotmail.com

i now bought a hamster and i am now finding out the gender. so far i am loving my new pet hamster
Gwen from USA
email: lizzycotten@yahoo.com

Hey! Check out the wallpapers I made of my hamster people! She is a Syrian hamster and her name is Zuphia! She is super cute!
deanna from Canada
email: deannaminken@hotmail.com

I have a Teddy bear hamster his name is Oscar
jvcj from Saudi Arabia
email: jojo_vicy@yahoo.com

we have syrian & dwarf hamster.
cathy from United Kingdom
email: cherryd68@msn.com

I have just bought 2 white dwarf hamsters. looking at your website has helped me and kids lots...many thanks
janae from USA

i'm a hamster lover :)i have a teedy bear hamster named cloe
Caleb from United States
email: calebmoore13@yahoo.com

I love hamsters especialy teddybear hamsters

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