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Trinity from Canada
email: trinstanley@me.com

Hey thanx for all the help guys you guys sure love to right about hamsters! And my hamster is cheering for Canada ya!!!!!!!!
Alex from USA
email: lizzycotten@yahoo.com

Hey!!! Waz up peepz? I know that some of u ppl recognize this e mail... maybe ...but this is her best friend Alex!!! (dont tell her though!) i didnt want to use my own because the owner of this website will email me back!!! OR some wierdo will find it TOO! and...well...yeah. I have a hamster too! her name is Cookie! And all she does is just sleep all day and when shes awake (which is very rarely) she bites everything you give to her! even a pencil eraser! AND SHE ATE IT!!!! ICKY RIGHT?!?! AND NO! I DID NOT DO THAT ON PURPOSE! OK?!?! IM NOT A ANIMAL HATER!!!! IM INNOCENT!!!!! AND I ALSO DONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR COOKIE TO GO TO THE VET EITHER!!!! (just kidding!) Talk to you guys...NEXT TIME!!! PS.i also have real locks with keys on her door!!! shes a clever little bugger!!!! oh no Gwen's calling me! gotta go!!! Alex out!!!! :)
Hannah from United States
email: Hannahbanack@hotmail.com

Ok hamster fans my friend Kaite is going to talk to you people. Ok. Hey people my name is Kaite Adison. Ok i want to no what i should get for my friend's Lilly's b-day she is in my gymnasticse, basketball, and hiphop classes say happy birthday lilly g. From, Hannah and Kaite
Gwen from USA
email: lizzycotten@yahoo.com

Hi people! A while ago my hamster, Zuphia, escpaed again! For the 3rd time! This time she was close to dieing! She escaped from under my door and in the rest of my apartment with has 4 cats in it! She was hiding behind my TV. Luckily; my cats were too curious and full so Zuphia wasn't hurt! But I have another promblem! Theres a ball thing on her right arm and we can't take her to the vet at the moment. We talked to a vet and she said it was probably a tumor! Please pray for my hammy!
Hannah from United States
email: Hannahbanack@hotmail.com

Hey hamster fans, going to bed to watch my hamster!!!!
Dawson from Canada
email: lilly.pad.girl@live.com

Wow thanks for the help Nadia! I bought your new book it's so creative! OMG I laughed so hard for the first time when I saw my hamster eat his poop! Apperently it's healthy!!!
Ashton from United Kingdom
email: wolfehpup@yahoo.com

Want me to photoshop a cool picture of you hamster? Emial me!
Hannah from United States
email: Hannahbanack@Hotmail.com

Hi Hamster fans!!!! I have 1 Hamster and his name is peanut. I did have a hamster named Butterscotch but on fricken' ground hogs day he had to die!!!!!!!!!:( Now I screw that day!!!!!:(
Sarah Gyser from Australia
email: auntieleah@verizon.net

Thanks for the info on my new hamster breeding business! It was really helpful!
Novi Lim from Indonesia
email: l1mzy_funky@yahoo.com

really awesome...nice site..i get more information about hamster in here...thx for share and nice website guys... ^^

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