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Minami from Philippines
email: natalia_o7@yahoo.com

Major birth alert!!! help me..... my hamster sonako a teddy bear hamster and eats her babies. iguess thats what happens when she eats and then her babies are still sucking up milk. and she thinks their food to!!!!!! Soooo wat to do ohhhh pls tell me!!!!!!!!
Mary from Canada
email: ilovetaffyjumpergal@gmail.com

Thanks Nadia! You have given me great advice on everything! I'm so happy that my hamster had his first birthday!!!
dhang from Philippines
email: etivac_dhangski@yahoo.com

hi.. i just want to ask if i can give water to my hamster after going from a trip? thanks.
Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@Hamster-club.com

ATTN: Michele I'M WRITING THIS NOTE ON OUR HAMSTER GUESTBOOK SINCE THE EMAIL YOU WROTE ME DOES NOT EXIST! SO HERE IS YOUR ANSWER!! :) Only Teddy Bear Hamsters have long hair. Like this one. http://hamster-club.com/article.asp?ID=60 Usually dwarf hamsters don't have long hair. Feel free to send us a picture for me to confirm what your hamster variety is.
Gloria Gutierrez from United States
email: gloriajohnbaby@yahoo.com

I love all the hamster that I seen in this site I think that its pretty cool to have a site for only hamsters
Tyler R. from United States
email: Tylerinez@gmail.com

Hey! Thanks for using my hamster photo for the site! :]
Melissa from Georgia

I just received your hamster book! It's really nice!!! Thanks
Valerie from United States
email: valerietorres0327@gmail.com

Hi im Valerie and i was wondering is there anyway your hampster can be more friendly or is it imposiable???
Valerie from United States
email: valerietorres0327@gmail.com

This is a cool site because i LOVE hampsters more than i should!!!!
Kailie Snodgrass from United States
email: tapperforlife@aol.com

We are so happy to have discovered this site! There is so much information that a hamster owner should know! Thank you!

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