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madey from United States

my hamster is named panda he is really cute!!!!!!!...hes really fat...still really cute! my fave colours are yellow and gray!! i<3panda! and my friends hamster peanut hes really cute 2! <3madey<3
genesis from Albania
email: thegenesis2@gmail.com

hamster club is soo awsome! its cute too it has games and every thing!
Aaliyah from United States
email: mygardianangel7@yahoo.com

I really enjoy my 2 winter drawf hamsters. they come up to the cage now when they are awake expecting me to give them some sunflower seeds and they love to climb on the cage. they are so cute. i named them zack and cody.
austencook from United States
email: austenc@microsoft.com

hamsters are awseome!
Theo from England
email: Tzimbler@live.co.uk

Email me plz
Theo from England
email: Tzimbler@live.co.uk

I Love Hamster Club .Com
kATIE from United Kingdom
email: katiehoward3@msn.com

hello thvis w`ebsite is great my hamster is on my `lap now she is really bundles of jo y qand` really energetic . I have become more cofident with my hamster thanks to this website katie
Jade from England
email: tashapaul@sky.com

Hi i love this website and i will go on it every day! love from Jade xxx
Allison from United States
email: al_gal93@yahoo.com

My hamster Noodles says hi. I hope you like the pictures of her and her brothers and sisters. She likes to run on her hamster wheel and stuff her cheeks. I LOVE IT HERE!
donna from United States
email: donnamikrut@gmail.com

hi eveyone i have a hamster named gilbert he's so cute!

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