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Ethan from United Kingdom
email: ethanfairburn2010@hotmail.co.uk

hamster club is the best
jenny from United States

hamster club is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!
Chelsiee from United Kingdom
email: BabeyGirl1998@hotmail.co.ul

This websitee is so useful. I have a chinese dwaf hamster, she is so cute, named her 'crystal'. this websitee has come in so handy.
Kathy Hedden from United States
email: keansburgbabe@optonline.net

I love those little fuzzy critters. I had them all my life. I'm 47 years old and still love having them as pets. They are so easy to care for and fun to have around. We got a hamster ball for him and we were hanging out with the kittens, cats and the dog in the kitchen and the hamster came in his ball and started hanging out with us to. It was so cute.
Claire from Indonesia
email: yzlin04@hotmail.com

I have a hamster, named Bum Bum. He is cute, lovely, and adorable. And this is a great website about hamster. I love this. Thanks Hamster-Club ^^.
heather ramsay from United Kingdom
email: heatherramsay65@hotmail.co.uk

thanks for the advice
SH from Singapore
email: h_shuhui@hotmail.com

I am a first time hamster owner. The information is very comprehensive in helping me to understand my pet Hamster better. Looking forward to more great articles and advice. Small request to include information on how I should go about cleaning a hamster cage for a new hamster pet.
Alice from Canada
email: Bobandsue@hotmal.com

I visited this website b/c my two hamsters have died :( and i feel horrible my life will never be the same just looking at hamsters makes me feel more alive :)
Angel from Malaysia
email: janepoh1999@hotmail.com

This is the best hamster info website.Now I know how to take care my hmaster.
bruna from Portugal
email: bruna_gold@hotmail.co.uk

thank you for all the advice now i know what to do when i get a hamster

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