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rachele from Italy
email: rach8877mal@yahoo.it

Lovely service, I LOVE HAMSTERS!!
Someone from India
email: couldbjunk4me@gmail.com

I took one look at this website and knew it was good.
maddy from USA

yesterday i got a teddybear hamster. i named him boog after the bear in open season! Shes so cute i love her
Amanda from USA

love your guys web sit
Mirry for short from Malta
email: mirry50090@yahoo.com

Thanks for the advice.
Hanna from United States
email: paintthewind96@gmail.com

This is such a great sight!! I love hamsters... I have a Russian Dwarf named Cho!!!!
Aubrie Politte from United States
email: AubriePolitte@gmail.com

I looove hamsters they are have such lilttle souls and are very precious ! <3~ :D
Antoinette from Malta
email: antoinettevella@ymail.com

I love hamsters, am in the process of adopting one :)
Minny from United Kingdom

Thanks for your kind advice, my hammie is feeling much better thaks to you xxx
Kayley from Canada
email: kayleycat@hotmail.com

I love my hamsters I got 2 of them and the girls nam is Caramel and the boy is Snickers they are finaly ready to breed so I will try and see the cute little faces of the babies!

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