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Emily from USA
email: emschreck@yahoo.com

Hi!I have hamster named Speedie and shes alot of fun!Im 10 years old and in 5th grade. I love hamster club.com!
Marnie from United States
email: marniekodya@yahoo.com

i love this website! it helps me take care of my beloved fancy hamster, Dakota.
Kianna .C from United States

My hamster bit me this morning,im tring to make her stop! she drew blood from my mom n I .Im not ok with it!!!!
Kianna Collins from United States

Heyy hamster im 8 got a baby hamster 4 months ago I LOVE your website. I can really relate to it. My friends think im a freek because I like hamsters
gaby from Guatemala
email: gabyapaiz@yahoo.com

i have a hamster named Spencer and i needed held because i didn't know what to do when my sister stepped on him and i was scared because i didn't know if he was going to die or not
Joyanne from USA

The Hamster Club has been so helpful to me, whenever I email a question, I'm shocked @ how fast I get an answer back, although, I have to say, even tho I don't usually like The answer I get, its always the right one! You truely care about the hamsters wellbeing, I'm so glad This website is available to guide us" hamster servants" In the right direction! Thank you so much for being there when I needed immediate advise for "Coco", "Minnie" & my favorite toothless 2yr old baby "Cinnamon" who I miss more & more everyday! Keep up the good work, so many people from all over need your expertise! Joyanne Collins Billerica, MA USA
Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@hamser-club.com

Dear Aqiel,

If you mean after how many days the hamster will give birth, then the answer is from 23 to 30 days after mating.

Nadia Vella
Hamster Club
The Best Hamster Book

aqiel from Malaysia
email: zafinqiellerz@yahoo.com

i juz want to know how many weeks for the female robo pregnant?
LUCY from St. Helena
email: lucewoodham@hotmail.com

hamster club is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mandy Farrugia from Malta
email: mandyfarruiga64@yahoo.com

Thank you very much for your support and hamster advice. NB. I received THE HAMSTER BOOK TODAY AND IT LOOKS FABULOUS! THANKX

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