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Ellie from England
email: Ellie8139@talktalk.net

bruce brinkmann from USA
email: brucebabiii@gmail.com

Greetings; Just thinking about getting a hamster so thought it would be a good idea to get some info on them.
Summer from United States
email: SummerKathryn@yahoo.com

Hi!I just got a hamster so i'm learning more and more.I named my hamster BoPeep.
Marli from United States

Hi!!!!:) My name is Marli and i have had 2 hamsters!!!!!! 1s name was Cinnamon and he died about 2 years ago he was a teddy bear and so sweet. I have one currently named Sugar!!!!! So Cinnamon and Sugar!!!!!!!! HAMSTERS ROCK!!!!!!!!! :)
Elise from United States

Dear amiee, i know how you feel when your ahmster bites but you have to give him or her space and let her know you wont hurt her i had one just like that! give her a couple of days to be and feel safe! i know how you feel dont worry though! sincerly elise
Leslie from American Samoa

Hi my name is Leslie and i have had my fair share of hamsters!!!!!!!!! o by the way my email is protected so could u send me ours!!!!!!!! sincerely, Leslie
Emma from United States
email: Emmakent@bellsouth.net

hamsters Rock! To honey.
Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@hamster-club.com

@ amiee morris Please follow this page about hamster taming and your hamster will no longer bite. http://hamster-club.com/article.asp?ID=98

Kind regards
Nadia Vella

amiee morris from Virgin Islands (British)

my hampster is called nibbles.just got her.but she bites.what shall i do?
Jenniffer from Philippines
email: jhennterry17@gmail.com

Thank you for this site. I love my hamsters so much...

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