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Nancy from Canada
email: diggernuts@rogers.com

My hamsters name is sweetygirl. Her second name could be Houdini. O MY!! She is a handful but she is sooooooo worth it. I enjoy looking at the pictures on this website. Hamsters don't get enough respect!
Stephanie Clark from United States
email: nipmuc123@gmail.com

I LOVE this site.It's so helpful!
MaKenzie from USA
email: makenziepeters@yahoo.com

I have two hamsters one of each gender. they are cambell russian dwarfs and my girl's name is bethany and my boy's name is bailey. they are very good hamsters and thats some stuff about my hamsters. I love your site. Bye - Bye !!!!
Larissa Nazario from United Kingdom
email: princesslala@hotmail.com

I lovee your site it has so much info for my hamster !! Thanks
RositaBlutbad from Chile
email: tuta-182@hotmail.com

hi!! i loooove your website, is super complete of information about hammies!! i hope you're doing well with your book too ;) kind regards ^^
Lauren M. from United States
email: OkayFatty@live.com

Great info on here :3
jody from Jamaica

thats for the info......going to buy my hamster today
diana from Canada
email: dianagarcia@yahoo.com

E Cigarette from Russia
email: mcelpraug@mail.ru|

Really interesting!
Lilli from England
email: lilli2001@hotmail.co.uk

hi i cant wait to i get mine at southend its goningn to be the best day ever and thank you everyone for helping me Lilli

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