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Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@hamster-club.com

@ Nicole
If the bleeding stopped then the hamster will be ok. Bleeding eyes are very common in most rodents. Hamsters have special glands behind their eyeballs called Harderian Glands.  These Harderian Glands produce a reddish material that may look like blood but is not.  Its purpose is to act as an ocular lubricant and it tends to be produced in larger quantities when the hamster is unwell for any reason.  The red material can be cleaned daily with cooled boiled water on a soft piece of tissue paper.
Kind regards
Nadia Vella
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Babylon from China
email: ruthwang97@hotmail.com

hamster lover
Nicole from United States

my kids were playing with our hamster and i noticed her eyes were bleeding just a little and after bout2 minutes its stopped and she was running in her wheel does anyone know if my hamster will be ok?
oliwia from Poland

my hamster died a week ago
Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@hamster-club.com

Hi Lauren, Eventually your hamster will get used to you by time. Click here to read a helpful article about hamster taming.
Lauren from United Kingdom
email: lollaurs@btinternet.com

My hamster wasn't tamed for a while. But while my family were waay on holiday my friends mum managed to tame her. I only held her in my bare hands this morning. But I still wear a glove in my right hand, because Imstill scared she will bite me. I know that its not even been 24 hours since I'v held her. And she is a really loving hamster now. But Im'm still scared she mite bite me, do you think that I'll get over this, and its just because its only been like a day?
Louise MAllery from United Kingdom
email: louise.mallery@hotmail.co.uk

I Got My Hamster In February, She Is So Cute She Is Like My Little Baby, Sometimes I Think She Listens to What I Say And Her Name Is Alice :)
christy from United States
email: mollyriecken@yahoo.com

i love these little creatures from heaven. i have adopted a sirian named HUBERT, who is adorable. He married Pebbles who came to me with 2 babies. both babies died. Pebbles was devastated after that. so a few months later her and Hubert got married and 7 babies were born from their love. We had cute babies whom were named \Pebbles jr, she looks just like her mom a beautiful teddy bear, Henry another girl, Herman a girl, Moose a brown color girl also who does not look like mom or dad, Lady who is half orange & white, her twin passed at the age of 3 months, Baby Ziggy passed when he was only 5 weeks old he was the runt. Today at 7pm our dear Mckenzie passed. She was another of my adopted loved dwarf, she was a miracle in our lives. She was about 2and half years old. She was a survivor. She was brought home with 9 newborn babies and she was so weak, fragile and then all the babies started to die even though mother and babies had my undivided care 24 hours in a row. all babies went and she made it until today a year and a half later. May she rest in peace. We also lost our dear HERBIE our beautiful guinea pig a year ago on july 7th due to the heatwave we had that dAY WITH THE TEMPS of 105. I STILL cannot accept it, he was only 2 years and 3 days old. Everytime I look at his stroller or toys it breaks my heart. In general everybody else \madison a dwarf and her three children who were also born here at home are ok, her husband Bailey isnt doing that well. He has a lateral tumor on his side. We keep him comfortable, he is eatig well so far. I also have Phantom and her sister Amber. their two sibblings Bandit and Cutiepie left us after only a month. These four sibblings were very young when my daughter brought them to mel These ones are also dwarfs but their color is different from the russian and chinese ones. Six months ago we lost Tiny, Bolty, Mckenzie qnd Betty. These ones were russian dwarfs also adopted by me. I still miss them. I adopted Annabella but she was with us for about a month. I have our dearest Molly sho is with us since december, she is white and is probably about a year old now. She alwyas help me find the little ones who escape from their cage, incredibly she tells me where they are. Any pet that needs a home alwyas ends up coming to our home. I feed all natural foods from Wholefoods, Pathmark saladbar, their seeds and pellets , spring water. I also cook oatmeal with fruits and baked their own bars with fruits, veggies, beans, cammomille flowers, and nuts. Anyway Im proud to say that i am their adoptive mom. Under my care i always try to do the best i can. I want to provide them with a good good home where they are safe and will be with me until is their time to go to their final resting place. Most of these pets are in my home because their original owners were goin to either set them free in a backyard or let them just go anywhere, for reasons of not wanting a mom with babies or just because they got tired of caring for them. I dont understand that mentality or their way of thinking. I call that irresponsible. In conclusion. i am aware of the amount of work involving the care of my little ones but that is how it is. I have created a small shrine with the names of all the little ones who have gone to heaven under my watch. its not an easy job but someone has to do it
Fatima Mendez from Mexico
email: fatitadulce@hotmail.com

i love hamsters i have one his name is mr.fluffy but i am kind of scared if my dog might eat him but i still love both of my pets by the same love! i have been beging for a baby girl sins i have 4 brothers and 1 sister i want a baby sister but my mom said if i want a baby sister bye bye dog bye bye hamster what should i do???????????? i want it all
Kate from United Kingdom
email: katelaffey@btinternet.com

I have a hamster called Nutmeg but the other day unfortunately she died but now I have got another one called Rascal. He is very cheeky and sometimes either sleeps hanging from the top of the cage like a bat or falls asleep in his wheel. But he now fall to sleep in his wheel slightly rocking! How cute!

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