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jessica s. from Brazil

I love hamsters! Theyre the cutest things ever! I have 10 syrianss and 34 dwarf hamsters. I.have an obsession with cuddling and having them crawl over me. My hamsters all have a specfic name depending on their fur patches.
RobosForever from USA

I absolutely love this website! Wow!!! I had been searching everywhere for the sickness I think my lil hamster had, and ba-bam! Hamster Club HAD IT! Thx to you, my hamster is alive and well!
Mac Vallone from United States
email: ruby78@live.com

I love teddy bear hamsters<3 (:
leanne mccallum from United Kingdom
email: leandgie@mail.com

I am 7, and my mum &dad bought me 2 hamsters &cages while i was at school today. I am so so so excited, its awesome. I am going to love & take care off them. Get one for Ella, & she will be the same as me, she" too will love & care for it. plz...plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz please ,buy one: for Ella xx
Claudia from USA

I lovvveee hamsters so much! This website helps a lot I'm glad I joined. But my chinese dwarf hamster Daisy just died yesterday she only lived for 10 months I'm soooo sad. But my dad said we can get a new one. I've had 2 previous hamsters, also named Daisy. So maybe I will name my new one Daisy...
Ella from United States
email: ellaf1111@gmail.com

I LOVE HAMSTERS!!! I really want a hamster. Can someone email my mom and ask if Ella can have a hamster? My mom's email is jillyalt@gmail.com. Thank You!
Mackenzie from United States
email: pittsburgpanthers@yahoo.com

I LOVE DWARF HAMSTERS!!!! I have a Chinese Dwarf!!!
Irene from USA
email: irene_d48@yahoo.com

I don't have a hamster, but i love them! I really want one. This is a great site for information about them <3
India from United States
email: india.mosley@yahoo.com

I have had 8 hamsters. They are soooooooo cute and tiny.
mia from United States
email: miarangel86@yahoo.com

i love hamsters

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