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Emily from United Kingdom
email: eemant@googlemail.com

Hi, I have already have had 2 Hamsters they died sadly :( I am going to get another one soon! Cant wait! But I dont know what breed I want! Any Ideas? This website is really helpful about hamsters!
Abby from United States
email: mradmal@me.com

I love this website so much that I sent you guys a video!! And I really don't do that often! You give me such good tips for my marbled robo!!!
Shymia from United States
email: h.shymia@gmail.com

I just got a hamster today so im new to this and the lady said that it escape what should i do.
Emily from United States
email: emmy_barfield@yahoo.com

Hey!! Well i found out today that my new hamster (was supposed too be a boy) is now a girl and is pregnant! I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TOO TAKE ARE OF BABY HAMSTERS!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Corinne White from United States
email: pickles831@comcast.net

So happy to be a member....Love hamsters and will always have them......
Hamster Club from Malta
email: info@hamster-club.com

@ AwesomeMaka10 Yes very normal indeed :)
AwesomeMaka10 from United States
email: lillianmorton50@gmail.com

My hamster Chewy loves to take a dump on everything we give him. He also loves to go on his wheel and act psycho crazy a lot at night. is that normal for him?
Marie Wilkes from England

I thought my daughters hamster was dead but thanks to this website I followed the instructions for hibernation just to try it really I was desperate not to tell my daughter!! I warmed him up and massaged him and he came back to life I couldn't believe it. If it wasn't for this site we'd probably have burried him. The shivers part was a bit scary but thanks to your info I knew to expect it. We've now moved him somewhere warmer in the house and he's back to his old self. THANK YOU xx
Charlotte.O from United Kingdom

I have not yet got a hamster but I would very much like one Thank you so much hamster-club.com I will never forget how helpful you have been ... With what I know now It may change my dad's mind! I am FOREVER greatful. ;)
Ryan from Canada

I love my new hamster that i got today. its a nice golden teddy bear hamster. I am enjoying this website and it's helpful information.

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