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Joshua from Philippines
email: joshuacayetano@ymail.com

will you help me find cool stuffs for my hamsters....... :) I ♥ HAMSTERS :3
Hamster Club from Malta
email: info@hamster-club.com

Hi Bethany Hannah

You can give them to other hamster owners at 4 weeks of age. it is very important not to touch the nest or babies and avoid cleaning the cage for the first three weeks or else the female hamster could panic and kill the hamster babies. If it is really necessary to 'clean' a cage area while the mother hamster is nursing her babies, you should only use a small piece of tissue to 'clean' the cage but avoid touching the nest area. Apart from the normal hamster food mix, put some bread soaked in milk in a small food bowl as this will provided extra proteins both for the mother and baby hamsters. Replace the bread and milk at least 3 times daily. The cage should be placed in a quiet room, since noises can cause the mother hamster stress. We can post an advert for just $5 for you online on our Hamster Club site, all our adoptions are successful so your hamster babies will definately find a good home.


else you can try selling them at your pet store but remember that such cases do not always guarantee that they find good homes.. some may end up as food for snakes!!!

Feel free to email me if you need further assistance. nadia@hamster-club.com

Best Regards
Nadia Vella
Hamster Club
The Hamster Book
Guinea Pigs And Hamsters Network

Bethany Hannah from United States
email: hannahbethany6@gmail.com

My hamster just had babies, and we didn't even know she was pregnant. When we got them, we asked the pet shop guy if they were girls or guys and he said he had no idea. Shouldn't they let people know? We didn't want hamster babies, where can we give them to when they're old enough?
Paige Hanncock from United States
email: paiges9@yahoo.com

I love hamsters and there so cute, especially when there pregnant!!
sheila from United Kingdom
email: beetyboops17@hotmail.co.uk

i lve my hamster
Danielle McCay from United States
email: soccerrocker1013@yahoo.com

I love Hamsters!!!!!!!!!!! This website is amazing.
Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@hamster-club.com

Dear Chan

Unfortunately there is nothing else you can do except:

1. Making sure your hamster has soft bedding.
2. Making sure your hamster has fresh water daily.
3. Making sure that your hamster's cage is in a quiet room.

Your hamster is old and all the symptoms you mentioned are from old age.

Make the most out of her last few days/months by giving your hamster love and care as I'm sure you are already doing.

Best Regards
Nadia Vella
Hamster Club
The Hamster Book
Guinea Pigs And Hamsters Network

chan from United States
email: channyd78@yahoo.com

I have a 3 yr old teddy bear hamster. Just the last two days her hair started falling out, skin wrinkly eyes almost shut, tipping over and chugging water. I am so afraid she is dying! She cant run on her wheel and has been sleeping all day. All the vets in my area do not treat hamsters. Can any1 tell me what is going on with her. Im so sad & feel helpless! :(
Jenny Woollard from United Kingdom

Love, Love, Love hammies. I have 2 at the moment pebble & pip. They make me smile and they are so cute!!!
noemi from United States
email: bttybp998@aol.com

Hi i have a total of six hamsters.two teddy bear short hair-grey and white male and golden female.two long hair-golden female and grey male.two cutest lil robos-golden brown male and white and grey female.im in love !!!

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