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Anne from Canada
email: annie_0657@yahoo.ca

I may be one of your oldest guests to sign your guest book. I am a 55 year old big kid with 5 Dwarf Russian Campbell Hamsters (Plus A Rat). I have this thing about naming my pets using 2 names with 3 syllables. So my females names are Lily May and Maggie Mags. My boys are Darcey Grey, Billy Bean and Snazzy Jazz. My female rat is named Mini Me. See what I mean ?
Aspen h from United States
email: Alfredaidyn@yahoo.com

I just got a new hamster and her name is nibbles
Pat and Nemiah from United Kingdom

What a well informed site, plenty of information.... I learned so much through the informed article given i know little about hamsters. Well done a big thanks from a little 9 year old XXX
vero from United States

amazing i love this website it has helped me with everything hoe it gets bigger and we wish you the best
Pam Richardson from United States
email: richardsonus@pbtcomm.net

I sent the message earlier about my son's hamster having very very tiny worms in its cage and possibly its feces. Can you help us?
Rebecca from United States
email: rmlewis4@alaska.edu

I just got 2 syrian hamsters for my kids.... I didn't think I would like them as much as I do, they are comedians.. and fun to just laugh at!!!! I LOVE them!!!
Anita Bishop from United Kingdom

I found your information on the Teddy Bear Hamster informative . As Iv never had a Hamster let along a long haired One the tips on carring for their coat s been great .
Rhea from India
email: rheapatti@gmail.com

I'm going to get my 2 hamsters in a week & I'm looking forward to that. The hamsters are completely my responsibility because my mum has to take care of our St.Bernard,Dude. I was searching the web when I came across Hamster Club. I'm going to use all the info from this site to show my mum that I CAN take care of my hamsters all by myself! Thank u Hamster Club- you've been of AMAZING help to me!!!!
Daniella from Canada
email: daniella_baby15@hotmail.com

Thanks hamster club you actully gave me excellent tips! i hope to bond with my hamster more and thanks but i have more questions thanks though i came to this website for every time i needed help for my hamster! :)
cinnamon from United States

i have 3 hamsters this website really helped im 13 in may so i love this site!!!!!

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