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Lauren from United States
email: lauren@thelevyhouse.com

I love this website. The article about when your hamster dies really helped me through the day.
leanne from Canada
email: lolaiscool@live.ca

hi love your website. the first time i got my hamster i went on this website right away thanks agian!!!!!
Erika from New Zealand

I love hamsters (:
xXUNINSTALLXx from United States
email: xXUNINSTALLXx@gmail.com

I love the Hamster Club! They helped me with my hamster.
tracy from United States
email: tracy_forgot1@yahoo.com

i am a proud grandma of 12 lil baby hamsters!! My nine year old daughter bought three hamsters and one just had her batch of babies im new to the hamster thing so if there is any help out there plz msg me! thanks
Breanna K from United States
email: brebre487@hotmail.com

I just got a hamster today and before I saw this site, I knew NOTHING about hamsters. My hamster is a girl dwarf russian hamster and I named her Muffin!
kathleen lechner from United States
email: imzadi178@yahoo.com

Hamster Club from Malta
email: info@hamster-club.com

@ Gabrielle, Please follow this page: http://www.hamster-club.com/reproduction.asp 
Gabrielle from Philippines
email: gabby.alindogan@gmx.com

How will Syrian hamsters breed if they kill each other!!!???
Gabrielle from Philippines
email: gabby.alindogan@gmx.com

I dont know why my syran hamster killed my teddy bear hamster and killed all 3 boy hamsters.So we cant buy another hamster anymore :'( !!!!

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