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aziyani from Malaysia
email: aziyani_hamzah@yahoo.co.uk

i am new come in adopting hamsters.through this website, i got a lot of information.thank you.
Abby from USA

Emily, I think you should get a marbled robo. They are very funny and social, but they are not the easiest to tame...sooooo...if you want one to hold, and is easy to tame, choose a teddy bear hamster or syrian. Only problem with those types of hamsters? They're kinda slow and you have to buy them bigger cages and they can't really fit through tubes that well. Any of those three would be my suggestions
Cedric from Philippines
email: scedrick73@yahoo.com

Awesome site, helped me a lot... Thanks
Heather S. from Germany

I rescued an 8 week old black hamster today- she is so sweet! I am naming her Sasuke :3
Reagan from Singapore
email: readygoh@gmail.com

Hello!!!I have two winter white hamster...ver cute and i think 1 of them is going to be pregnant... :-)
Sean yeo from Malaysia
email: sean_gimme5@yahoo.com

i got three dwarf hamster and it is so cute. i put it in a big container.
isabel from United States
email: faithzk101@aol.com

Audrey from United States
email: audreyokpara@yahoo.com

i cant wait to get my baby robo dwarf hamsters im doing a lot of research
Caity from England
email: harvey_caity@yahoo.com

i just got a new hamster named oreo and its a black bear hamster and he is so cute
Wan from Malaysia
email: azhantte@yahoo.com

Good website for hamster lovers

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