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norzika from United States
email: sweetzika09@aol.com

i will love to own a hamster one day could you mail me one a girl
phyllis blair from USA
email: fpblair@sccoast.net

We bought our hammy about a month ago and have had so much enjoyment out of simply being around her. She is an adorable pet. Now that she is used to us, it's even more fun. I used to wonder how people could consider hamsters to be 'pets' but now I truly know.
Chris Walton from United States
email: kww7821@netscape.com

I usen to have a hamster named Snowball but she died. so I got 2 more but one killed the other one. they were robos [all of them].I only have one hamster now and love her [they were all females].the other 2 hamster names are Speedy and harlie.
jancel from United States

your website is awesome
jordan from Georgia
email: jordanrox97@hotmail.com

hey i have a hamster named charlie and i love him so much
Olivia from United States
email: demi753@hotmail.com

my hamster is a Roborovski Hamster and she is so cute exeped she loves to bite the bares so at night i put her in the office so i cant hear her or i will take her out and let her run around in her ball her name is Roxann or Roxy for short i love her alot my mom said that when i sleep over at a firends that she always takes Roxann out to play and always wants to eat her up shes so cute i love her and dont know what to do with out her shes the reson i get up in the morning she realy learned my voice alot when ever i talk to myself she waks up to see me i plat with her for 20 minets a day I LOVE HER!!! from,OLIVIA
JORDYN from Switzerland
email: redpandakiwi95@hotmail.com

Electric A from United Kingdom
email: electricamy@googlemail.com

I LUV hamsters !!!! I am hamster mad ! I even hav my own cute hammy called Charlie. xoxoxoxox
Holly from United Kingdom

I recently got a new hamster called smithy. He is brown and white and is so cute. We got him an ovo suite and he loves all fruit and veg!
tyra mackinnon from Canada
email: japeanut@hotmail.com

i had a hamster named hammi and she lived for 4 years her life got put in the worlds most amazing animals but hammi was a amazing hamster because she was trained and she could play fetch it was cooli rilly mis hammi she died on may 29 2007 so please pray for hammie on may 29

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