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cuteboyfiq from Malaysia
email: cuteboyfiq@yahoo.com

i love hamster, last 2 years i have hamster but they died . the female hamser is mimi. mimi died when we played together. a cat catch my mimi and mimi died. the male hamster is combi.combi diede because of he didnt have a new girlfriend. so sad
kylie from United States
email: kyliede97@yahoo.com

i have a hamster and i am seeing wat foods she likes best. i luv her to death and call her my baby girl.i like this site.wow! :)
Christopher Walton from United States
email: kww7821@netscape.com

I love hamsters the are so cute!
lauren kell from United Kingdom
email: thekell@jkell.fslife.co.uk

My pet hamster is called Maisy and she is a 1 year old Syrian she is so tame. Me and my mummy think the world of her.
Dannii from United Kingdom
email: danni_lovin_it@hotmail.co.uk

Hi great website! I've got a hamster called Sleepy Sam he has a strawberry blande coat with white patches, he is really cute but the one thing that annoys me is...he aint half noisy and night!
George from United Kingdom
email: george.p.shelley@hotmail.com

hey, remember steven, well a few feeks back we mated him nd the femaile had three littl babys. we are only keeping one, and therefore need to get a new cage. the femaile hamster is realy lively but the baby isnt. we are thinking about giveing the new bigger cage to the mum, and giving the baby the mums old one. is this a good idea to change the mums cage. she is about 1 years old. e-mail me bk plz x
Holly from United Kingdom

Im getting a hamster called smithy!
Chipmunk George from United Kingdom
email: george.p.shelley@hotmail.com

kl site. have a hamster, steven. hes a legend. most dosile hamster in the world. neve bit. lol. but he fell down the stairs. but he is acting absolutle fine. he cut his nose but thats it. can anyone give me some advise? thnx. e-mail me bk :D x
Tiana from United Kingdom
email: Tianahollier_10@hotmail.com

This place is kwl lyk XD and they help me !! with my hamster issues
Paul from United Kingdom
email: paul.winstanley1@googlemail.com

I just go a syrian / albino hamster today, my first syrian hamster died yesterday, i've never been so upset. My new hamster is only 5 weeks old, and is happily running round on his wheel.

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