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Jade from United Kingdom
email: iggss_forever@hotmail.co.uk

Wow i love this site
Hannah from United States
email: carebearkween@aol.com

I love the hamster club. I have a hamster named peaches. I LOVE HAMSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!
megaw from United States
email: ba_stl2@msn.com

I love hamsters, they are cute and cuddly unless they bite than they aren't so cute.
Celine from Canada

i love this site! i have a hamster her name is bebe i love her shes soooo cute! i also love this site its awesome ps. see bebe's picture undering housing-wheels
Cleyanne from Philippines
email: crystalcleyanne@yahoo.com

I LOVE HAMSTERS!!! they are so cute, cuddly and curious!
Cleyanne from Philippines
email: crystalcleyanne@yahoo.com

I got a hammy May 19, and it escaped today,May 23. I've tried everything, and they don't work! help?!
catherine from England
email: alison.graham@virgin.net

i have a cute hamster she is called minty.i love minty. i love hamsters more than anyone else.i wish i could have a hamster sunhat!
liz from #
email: lizzybdonkey@q.com

I got a hamster may 20th . she is orange and white . and her name is holly .
lizzy from USA
email: lizzybdonkey@q.com

I have a hamster named holly she is orange and white she is a teady bear hamster she is a female she is 1 year old and was a stray I got her may 20th 2008 .
Evie plumb from United Kingdom
email: 4plumbs@AOL.com

i have a hamster called charlie my sister callie has a hamster called lollipop. (There dwarf hamsters.)They are both very sweet i got them for xmas. They mostly sleep but when they come out they love going in there balls.

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