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Lindy Kok from South Africa
email: lhorn@telkomsa.net

Good day all. I have just gotten my very first hamster's! It is the dwarf hamster. They are so cute & I just want to sit & watch them the whole day. They are still very small & they do sleep allot. I was wondering what is the best thing to put in their little house inside their cage for them to sleep on? At this stage I have got something in there more or less like cotton wool. They are also using that space as their toilet as they spend most of the time in there sleeping. Any advice would be lovely as I don't really know much. Thanx for the site as well, it was great fun going over it. Also, what do you think of the names: Bugsy & Tiny?? Regards, Lindy.
Jessica from United States
email: jeam4erica@yahoo.com

Whats up!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mini Me from Canada
email: fostersmith@rogers.com

I'm so happy I found this 'site, I'm thinking about getting a hamster and I read a book abot hasters and I can't kep it so I was looking for a 'site and I found this on which is awesome! YAY!!!!! Sat.Feb 6/2010
Ellie Scott and Hammy the hamster from United States
email: jenniferyanke@cox.net

Hi there! My name is Ellie. I have a hamster named Hammy. He is so cute! Everyone thinks he is so cute! Once, we took Hammy all the way to MA! (we live in CT)He met a very nice hamster named Brownie. They kissed on the lips! He also won the 2008 hamsterball derby at PETCO. I love Hammy. Hammy is the best hamster EVER!!!!!! Hammy is so fuzzy and soft. He loves sunflowerseeds and corn. At home, we have,THE HAMMY WALL OF FAME! Thats where we put a bunch of pictures of Hammy. The wall is almost completely FULL!!! Hammy even got christmas presents from Santa! He got a, chew toy that is made of wood(he loves it!), some more treats that he will eat all day and all night,and some fluff that Hammy can sleep in(he thinks it's so soft!). Just for ALL you Hamster Club Fans out there, a BIG "Squeak,squeak!" from me, Ellie Scott, and my hamster, Hammy!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!
Mary Farr from England
email: pow384@yahoo.com

i recently adopted four very young russian hamsters and their so adorable can anybody advise me on housing playtubes etc. thankyou
Kim from United States

I'm so glad I found this website. I've had seven hamsters since I was 8 years old (I'm 23 now) and I just think they are so wonderful.
Tova from Malta
email: tilind97@hotmail.com

This is an amazing site. Ive had my hamster for about 6 months now, and I thought I knew it all... boy, was I wrong! Ive learnt so much here, and my Wilma is much happier with her new homemade toys! This is the hamstersite ive been looking for since I got Wilma, and I hope the site carries on to deliver information about our alltime favourite pets. Now I just have to bribe my mom to buy that book for me! Haha! Thanks Nadia, for an overall good site! Keep up the good work! /Tova&Wilma
Mira from Great Britain
email: Mirapopo@hotmail.co.uk

praise from Philippines
email: praisebaylon@yahoo.com

HI! I♥HAMSTER CLUB SO MUCH!It just gives you the things you need about hamsters i do have hamsters they are dwarf hamsters and i love them SO MUCH♥
praise from Philippines
email: praisebaylon@yahoo.com

♥Hi, I'm new here i have two dwarf hamsters i named them nibble and chip♥

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