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Jessica Spencer from United Kingdom
email: littlepawspets@hotmail.com

I don't have any hamsters as I am a rabbit woman myself but i love your website! I can tell a lot of effort has gone into this, I love it!! I hope you don't mind me adding my own website, but here it is :) www.littlepawspets.weebly.com
vasantharn from Malaysia
email: vasantharnumarani@yahoo.com

my hamster name is junior & julie, but they two breed and now i total have 8 of them
Winardono Sularto from Indonesia
email: winardono@yahoo.com

I earned lots of information from this site. Thanks
Chane from France

Nice hamster website. Great information.
luke from United Kingdom
email: lukehastilow@yahoo.co.uk

this website is great i just brought my hamster today and i think i already know a lot about it thanks :P
George from United Kingdom
email: gevans2001@hotmail.com

Hi, I am so sad. We have just lost our cute hamster called Bonzo to cancer. He was 3 years old and I am so upset. Its amazing how these cute wee animals bond so well when looked after. God bless wee Bonzo. x
Pimpus from #

wow i love this site it helps me a lot! and plus its true... i love hamsters!
courtney from Scotland
email: courtneymackay10@aol.com

love the site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clare from United States
email: hamtaroluvr@gmail.com

HEYYY people!!!! My old hamster bean died in february. :( but i got a new one about a week later and his name is PEANUT! peanut and my friend, Maddey's hamster mated and now we have we have 16 day old babies! 5 of them (there used to be 12 but the died..)
Brittany from Canada
email: brit.loveschocolate@hotmail.com

Iv never really been on hamster club in till 2day but my hamster alfonso is the cuttest guy but i dont really now what 2 say on here so g2g bye

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