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Hannah from Canada
email: limegreenpopcorn@hotmail.com

I know this is going to sound like 1 of those super long boring speaches but anyway: The Hamster Club has helped with my past four hamsters. They've helped with anything possible like feeding, breeding, care, cages, and toys. Now that my hamster has died, I'm getting another one in 3 weeks. Count down! Anyway, if you have troublez with your hamster, contact Naidia Vella and she will give you advice plus advice on the advice lol.
Amber from USA
email: amberdawn@hughes.net

i have a hamster named Ham he is awsome i love him so much i caint put him down
Ayilah from United States
email: ayilah@gmail.com

I have a hamster named Bean. He is a long haired albino beige and white hamster. Go to www.beanthehamster.webs.com
Paulina from United States
email: sugarpleasebsg@yahoo.com

Thnx so much for this website! It's so cool and really helps. thnx again!
Nadia Vella of Hamster Club from Malta
email: nadia@Hamster-Club.com

Hi Kimkim,

Yes, your hamster seems like he is fond of you :)

Kind Regards, Nadia Vella of Hamster Club and The Hamster Book.

Kimkim from China

When I pat my hamster's back, he licks my hand but his ears are flat down, does that mean he likes me or not? Anyway, very x 100000 teriffic hamster website, three cheers for Hamster Club!!
Marcy from Germany
email: wii587thebest@hotmail.com

10ku Nadia for your useful advice, my hamster is much better thanks to you.
Patrick and Ashley Walters from USA
email: Patrickwalters420@yahoo.com

We love our Hamsters
Phaedra from United Kingdom
email: phaedra.leveridge@hotmail.com

Brilliant website i sooooooooooo love hamsters
mummi from United Kingdom
email: mrsblc@hotmail.co.uk

Hi.I brought a hamster (well 2 now) for my son 2 weeks ago but sadly lost the original, alled mushroom, to wet tail after 2days.he has a new 1, called bubbles and i am hoping it will live for a little while longer so y'all keep ur fingers crossed for us!

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