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Jason Lee Garrard from United States
email: jason123456garrard@gmail.com

I loooooove hamsters I am getting a fat chubby one for my b-day on feb.11!!!!
Celeste Ann from United Kingdom
email: ann889@hotmail.com

Thank you and your information has been so helpful as I have a syrian hamster and he is a delight, I love him. For a long time I have been wondering how I could get a hmaster and bought a syrian hamster for 13.50p. I am loooking for proper food for him but have your information which I will use correctly to give him health and play as well. Not been able to do that as yer.
Isabelle from Canada
email: Izzymharris@gmail.com

This site is very helpful on the care for hamsters. Me and my sister are going to get 2 hamsters
Jo from United Kingdom
email: jo_grout@hotmail.com

Great site. I have just purchased my first hamster and have found this site an excellent source of information.
kaitlyn rose from United States
email: kaitlynabigailbff@yahoo.com

i love hamsters and i have been looking on your site for any advice thank you for everything
Afifah Bilqis from Indonesia
email: afifah.bilqis248@gmail.com

I'm keeping hamsters too. I have 12 campbells and they're so cute! This site helps me so much for caring my hamsters more, especially for their food and health! Thank you!
Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@hamster-club.com

@Marietta, kindly message on on info@hamster-club.com 
Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@hamster-club.com

@ Tiddy Hamsters are solitary, that is why your hamster started biting other hamsters while at the pet store.

With regards to biting you, patience and time are an important factor. Kindly click here to read about hamster taming...it always works!

Clare louise from Scotland

Love hamsters. Good to have a hamster community! X
Hamster Lover from United States
email: peytonmg@comcast.net

I love this site. It showed me how to have more fun with my hamster Tibbles.

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