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Marietta from United States
email: Mariettateramoto@yahoo.com

I just need help to find information about hamsters for my language arts paper can somebody help me?
Hamstergirl101 from United States

I Love hamsters my hamsters name is Biscuit
Tiddy from Singapore
email: Tiddy2000@gmail.com

I have a sappire winter white hamster called Hamham.Every day,without fail,she'll bite n bite n bite.ME!Its not like I didn't train her properly.In the store,I saw her running around the tank biting and fighting every single hamster there.And after I brought her home,after her fear of me passed,she started biting me.And I hate it,especially when I have no idea how to stop her from biting.Any suggestions anyone?
Zaimful from Canada
email: ZamRich@gmail.com

What a surprise today... Got hamsters, two, two weeks ago... they were supposedly both female... but they are in separate cages... But today we discover that "Chubby Butt", had 8 babies in the cage with her... :) they are so very cute...
jennifer scott from USA
email: jenniferscott5678@gmail.com

I love this page and the articles...especially the ones on health. Thanks to your page I've learned many new things for my present hamster Lacey, and my future ones to follow.
Kathy Hedden from United States
email: keansburgbabe@optonline.net

I got this teddy bear hamster. Hes the cutest most gentle small animal I ever had. His name is Stewart after the mouse Stewart. We love him so much. Hes part of the family along with the dog and the cats.
Zai from Philippines
email: angelitojr.zarraga2@sutherlandglobal.com

Hi guys! I love this site! Good job for giving a lot of information about Hamsters. I bred Syrian Hamsters before and I'm having Dwarf Hamsters at the moment planning to breed them just like before. Thanks for letting me join the group! Happy Hamster Keeping!
Christian peters from England

Most informative, needed a question answered and was so easy to find it. Nice webpage
Wanda from Singapore
email: wanda.yeo@gmail.com

Hi! Greetings from Singapore! :-) This website is terrific! I just discovered it and it made me fall in love with it. Awesome! <3
Cookie from United States
email: unipod123@gmail.com

Hi I'm Cookie ^-^ i am a female syrian hamster and i have an owner named Julie but i call her Chichi. Chichi just bought me a toy that has a yummy treat on it along with some wood and i <3 it! Humans are all around and they like watching me. Chichi does all the work from giving me water to offering plenty of playtime and apples :) I chew on the bars of my cage a lot and Chichi doesn't want me to do it, but i keep forgetting! It's time to play now bye

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