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Jelly from Canada
email: jelly_purple27@yahoo.com

Hi everyone! :D I have honestly been with hamsters for 4 years now :> I have come across Syrians, Roborovskis, and Sibereans :) (but Syrians are my all time fav! So easy to teach them commands ) If anyone needs help, feel free to ask! Bye! :D PS: LOVE this page! Its so informative in every way possible! :3 thank you guys so much!
alexander cuthbert from England
email: alexandercuthbert@msn.com

hi everyone i love this sight because it tells you literally everything you need to know about hamsters GREAT :)
Mitch Cervera from Philippines
email: hubsch_25@yahoo.com

Hi every0ne! Im a certified hamster lover. Got a couple of dwarf hamsters. my female hamster jst gave brth to 7 cute pups but i lost them the following day. frst time granny so i need to be better the next time around. dont want to loose my pups again. Pls assist me on taking care of them. thanks
Netta Hall from United Kingdom
email: hallnetta@btinternet.com

After visiting your site I have learnt all about how to care for a hamster and about different breeds.
Mas Yusof from Malaysia
email: masbabe6481@yahoo.com.my

Yesterday, 18/11/2012 at 8.30pm my lovely white russian delivered 2 cute babies...finally I became Grandpa. What a wonderfull world. I named them UPIN and IPIN...
Kyler from United States
email: kybug00@live.com

This is a fantastic site!! I love it and I will deffinetly be refering it to my friends. I learned a lot that i didnt know. I lOve my HAmster Cleo!!
Susen Zwicker from United States
email: susenk@sbcglobal.net

Great site,I will join but right now both myself and hammy are sick. Although neither one of us "girls" act like it, it's visible. My illness is genetic, it's not something a hammy could "catch" so I'm hoping/praying this wonderful site can help me help my girl.
adele tuffill from United Kingdom
email: adele.tuffill@sky.com

Rita Neville and delbert dennis and dave x
Nibbles from United Kingdom
email: nibbles777@yahoo.co.uk

Please to sing the hamster club's guest book xx Nibbles
ashley franco from United Kingdom
email: ajfranco@talktalk.net

A pleasure to sign your guestbook. Fantastic site to be on from your biggest hamster lover xxxx

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