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Mar from United States
email: gamermomma2@yahoo.com

I have a banded long hair female Syrian hamster named Tokinae aka Toki. She loves her bin cage, and she is so friendly! I love her! Thank you for this site and all of the info in it.
pam and steve from Canada
email: pamela968@yahoo.ca

Hi We just brought home our new little hamster. We study as much as we can on how to provide a proper safe happy home for him. He has a very large 2 story cage that my husband made for him and uses the huge bunny sized wheel -which is very comfy for running on. He has a little house made of wood to sleep in during the day so that he is not breathing a plastic house. He gets lots of darkness in his little house during the day hours and is growing each day. We feed him veggies and fruit, the hard block hamster food for his teeth and cashews peanuts and a seed mixture. We take him out in the morning and mid evening but let him sleep the rest of the time. For his potty he goes on the plastic cage bottom in on spot and I wipe it up with toilet paper and then wet wash it and dry the spot. He has bedding in his little house that he covers his food and himself with- he is so cute... got to go see my hamster now-bye
ananda from Jamaica
email: anandasquire@ymail.com

i have a hamster
Deb from Canada
email: Wolverin03@mac.com

Does anyone know of a Syrian breeder in Ontario, Canada?
Brynn from United States
email: Brynnpoole@yahoo.com

I want a hamster but my family does not agree. I know all about them and love them. I really wish I had one.
mark from USA
email: tackerjane99@yahoo.com

I am getting a hamster today i have never had one i always have had gerbils. but,always wanted a hamster becouse they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! BY THE WAY LOVE HAMSTER CLUB!!!!!!!!
Addyson klanke from United States
email: addyklanke1213@hotmail.com

hey guys!, im Addyson and i got my first hamster about eight months ago, her names pinky she is a peach and white teddy bear hamster, then about two weeks later i got another brown and white teddy bear hamster named pickles, and now i am hammi believer!!!!
Carol Quintana from USA
email: carolsbest7@aol.com

Hamster Abscesses ... can they get them on each side of the nose. Can anybody tell me what this is on his nose and how to treat it. Hamster help. My hamster Bruno is 2 years old. There are twos hard bumpy growths on each side of his nose. He looks like hell boy. Any hamster help would be appreciated. I've been putting Neosporin on it. Thank you Carol I wish I could send a photo. In His Love CarolCarol
Kinyobi from Canada

Pleased to sign :D Kinyobi X
Ashley from Malta
email: ashbrinccat@yahoo.com

Thank you for taking care of my hamster while I was away. Superb service.

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