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Alissa from United States
email: alissawang@gmail.com

Hammy, my black bear hamster, passed away just yesterday, April 13, 2008 just a month away from his second birthday. In the morning I found him sleeping outside his purple hide out, where he usually sleeps, and he was struggling to breathe. He passed away in the evening. I miss him so much... For those of you who have never had a hamster die, you have no idea how much it hurts. I've been thinking about him all day.....
rachel from United Kingdom
email: little_miss_boyd@hotmail.com

hello i am rachel and i am hopefully i will be getting a hamster
maria moores from Canada
email: musical_maria@live.com

i am getting a dwarf hamster in august
alicia Krewer from USA
email: aksoccerdiva@aol.com

OMG! Hamsters are so cute... I have a black bear hamster and he is totally adorable. Sadly he is 1 3/4 years of age and will soon pass on. I'm gonna miss him!
haley from USA
email: hjhorsegirl@gmail.com

i LOVE horses and hamsters i have 1 dog.
daniela from United States
email: danilb@live.com

i have two hamsters lola n laquana n lola gave birth to 10
Electric A from United Kingdom
email: electricamy@googlemail.com

I LUV hamsters!!! I even have my own cute hamster in my room called Charlie! I LUV hamsters!!!
quinnevans from United Kingdom
email: quinnevans@hotmail.co.uk

i love hamsters. my best friend kirsty has a guinea pig.
Kirsty Lamond from United Kingdom
email: kirsty@JohnLamond.com

My friends Katie and Quinn both have hamsters. I have a guinea pig and hamsters look the same as guinea pigs so my friends sometimes mistake it for a hamster.
quinnevans from United Kingdom
email: quinnevans@hotmail.co.uk

my dads hamsters had babies and they started fighting and the mum hamster protected her babies and we couldint bring the dog beacuse if the mum hamster felt fretend then she would eat the babies so since the hamsters where fighting dad gave the boy hamster to me and im taking good care of him.

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