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Hamster-Club.com featured again in local newspapers!
Author: Nadia Vella

Apart from being featured on 'Il-Mument', Hamster-Club.com was also recently featured in Thursday’s 22nd January 2009 newspaper ‘The Malta Independent; Crackers Magazine’; one of the most popular news
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Taming a Hamster
Author: Tristan Torres

When you first bring your hamster home, you should leave him alone for a couple days. Place his home in an area that has less traffic.
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What to do if your hamster gives birth and then dies
Author: Mary Kirkland

One of the sweetest things you will ever see is a mother hamster and her newborn babies (pups).
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Nadia Vella - One of the founding members of Hamster Club Malta
Author: Patrick Cutajar

Nadia Vella has a vast experience on hamsters; having adopted hamsters for several years made her aware that there should be more information and exposure to these cute small pets.
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How to handle an aggressive hamster
Author: Rena Sherwood

When you bring a hamster into your life, you are not bringing in a smaller version of a dog or a cat.
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