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Breeding Hamsters

Some hamster owners around the world apart from regarding hamsters as pets, see it as an opportunity to divulge into breeding.
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How to tame a hamster
Author: Hamster Club

So, you've chosen the perfect hamster and brought everything you need to care for it.
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Hamster-Club.com partners with FusaDirectory.com
Author: Nadia Vella

FUSA Web Directory is a new FREE web directory in which one can promote his site without having to add a reciprocal link on his site. So SUBMIT your site today and help your site rank.
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Chico the hamster
Author: Abigail Dent

When my female hamster 'Sherbet' was pregnant, I was so happy and I was even happier when 8 little wriggly baby hamsters were born even though they were born on Friday the 13th!
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Hamster pet sitting in Cape town - South Africa
Author: Nadia Vella

Going on holiday or know someone who is but canít find that perfect place for your hamster?
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