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How to handle an aggressive hamster
Author: Rena Sherwood

When you bring a hamster into your life, you are not bringing in a smaller version of a dog or a cat.
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Hamster Club featured in Newspapers!
Author: Nadia vella

Hamster-Club.com is very proud to announce that it was featured by local newspapers amongst which ‘Il-Mument’ in Malta during November/December 2008.
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Hamster Breeds: Which is Right for Me?
Author: Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

There are many different kinds of hamsters, but the five most common are Syrians, Dwarf Campbell Russians, Dwarf Winter White Russians, Roborovski Dwarf hamsters and Chinese hamster.
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Breeding Hamsters

Some hamster owners around the world apart from regarding hamsters as pets, see it as an opportunity to divulge into breeding.
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How to tame a hamster
Author: Hamster Club

So, you've chosen the perfect hamster and brought everything you need to care for it.
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