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nicole from United Kingdom
email: bigredbattleship@aol.com

How long will my hamster take to tame?
ashikin from Malaysia
email: holyhellxp@yahoo.com

hello:) i bought a pair of Roborovski about last two months. they are so adorable and cute.
Nadia Vella from Malta
email: nadia@hamster-club.com

Hi Morgan Paterson,

If your cat stays mostly in one room I suggest in trying to let him stay there until you do the search and find the misssing hamster.

Close all the windows and doors and put some hamster food and some vegetables on the floor. Be always on the look out when you walk, as you may not see your hamster and hurt it. If the hamster is hungry, it will certainly come out for the food. Look in every possible area where the hamster might be, including: under the bed, under the dresser, behind the bide of your bathroom, behind cupboards etc. Also you can place its cage (open) on the floor; usually if the hamster sees the cage, the hamster will go in it. Or else you may opt for the hamster bucket system. Place a bucket with a stand for the hamster to climb into – and place some hamster food and vegetables in the bucket. When the hamster reaches the top, he will go smell the food, fall into the bucket and will be unable to climb up again. The only problem is that the hamster could get injured when it falls into the bucket, so pile up lots of soft bedding for a soft landing.

Nadia Vella

Morgan Paterson from Canada
email: vpaterson@rogers.com

oops I forgot to metion that my hamsters name is gingersnap and my sisters was heges and my sister is really sad from hedes lose
Morgan Paterson from Canada
email: vpaterson@rogers.com

I have a male golden hamster and my sister has a short-haired hamster but he escaped from her cage and we are still on the look-out for him but we have to cats so he might have not made it but were still looking for like I said you never know when he is going to pop out
mikkahla higgins from United States
email: gingerhiggins@ymail.com

i have 2 girls jelly bean and evey lol there so cute
mikkahla higgins from USA
email: gingerhiggins@ymail.com

i love my hamster jelly bean shout out to her lol
sharon from Argentina
email: sharon@gmail.com

i have a boy dwaf hamster named mystery
emma huhges from Bhutan
email: emma@gmail.com

i have a pet dwaf hamster he is soo cool i love this hamster club site
emma hugehs from Bhutan
email: emma@emily.com

hamsters r l-cute

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