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Hamster Story by Sharon Huiyun
Author: Sharon Huiyun

I love all my hamsters and I'm sad when they are sick.
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Hamster Story by Victoria Polese
Author: Victoria Polese

Peanut woke up to the smell of a freshly baked apple treat being put in her cage.
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A Hamster Named Poop - Hamster Story by Vikki Shih
Author: Vikki Shih

My brother had a co-worker that needed to get rid of one of her hamsters due to the fact that they didn't get along.
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Hamster Takes the 4 Train! Critter's Mini Subway Ride to Fame
Author: Hamster Club

These awesome hamster pictures were taken by Victoria Belanger.
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Hamster Story by Miranda Turvin
Author: Miranda Turvin

My dwarf hamster (named Hurricane) was abandoned by my cousin and my boyfriend and I too him under our wing.
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