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World Hamster Day
Author: Nadia Vella

On April 12th 1930 Israel Aharoni, a zoologist and professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, went on an expedition to look for Syrian hamsters in a corn field.
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Hamster Club on Pink Panther TV programme
Author: Hamster Club

Hamster Club on Pink Panther TV programme dated 6th April 2013 - One TV.
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Horatio's One Wish - A Tale of One Heroic Hedgehog, Two Loyal Hamsters, and a Missing River Otter.

Joshua Kriesberg, the author of: Horatio's One Wish, sent us this great book for review.
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Hamster Health Page updated
Author: Nadia Vella

Is your hamster sick?
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Do you want your hamster to become a STAR and be remembered forever?
Author: Hamster Club

For all those that would like their hamster to become a star and be remembered forever.
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