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Build an Adventure Playground for your Hamster
Author: Nadia Vella

Offer your hamsters an ever changing variety of opportunities to explore, climb and play.
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Hamster Laundry or Lunch?
Author: Gabriele

Once again, Rocky had disappeared during one of his daily outings.
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Zhu Zhu Hamster - Fancy one?
Author: Nadia Vella

The original Zhu Zhu Pets are nine different characters, with names like Chunk, PipSqueak, Mr. Squiggles and Num Nums.
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The 10 Golden Rules for Hamster Care
Author: Nadia Vella

Check out the 10 Golden Rules for Hamster Care.
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Toffee the hamster lives in a doll's house

A Hamster called Toffee has made herself at home in her owner’s doll’s house.
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