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Do Hamsters Know Their Owners?
Source: hamster-club.com

We all would like to think that our favourite furry friends couldnít live without us, but hamster behaviour actually testifies to the fact that they really can form meaningful bonds.

Every hamster owner will probably come face to face with this question: does my pet miss my presence? For how cute the hamster face is, it can sometimes be hard to judge how far weíre anthropomorphising our furry friends. However, the time has shown that hamsters do indeed form bonds with humans even when theyíre playing raging bull casino, as weíll see.

Social Creatures

Hamsters donít have the best eyesight in the animal kingdom, especially when compared to animals like birds or cats. What they are adept at recognising, however, is scent and vocal tones. Even from simply handling them, your hamster can begin to recognise your smell.

Owners will find that gentle, sustained exposure to their hamster will result in a happy hamster that becomes more comfortable in their presence. Where you might find at first that a hamster will recoil from a human touch, enough non-invasive exposure will get the pet comfortable enough in a particular humanís presence to eventually voluntarily climb into their palms.


Everyone has an individual scent that wonít be lost on your hamsterís incredibly sensitive nose. Once theyíre acclimated to their ownerís smell, it wonít be long till they come to welcome their presence. In fact, chances are high that when you stand by their cage, they will be happily expecting you simply through their sense of smell. Olfactory senses are actually one of the most potent means of interaction that hamsters have with their environment; and once they have developed that rapport with you, their owner, or their hamster runs, itís something theyíre not likely to forget in a hurry.


When interacting with your hamster at first, be sure to make sounds to them with your voice. While their hearing is not quite as acute as their sense of smell, they nonetheless are adept at recognising your voice even if you just play vogueplay.com/au/ next to them and make noises of delight. Itís undoubtedly a survival mechanism, yet can help bring you and your pet closer together. Itís no trouble on the part of you, the owner, and really helps solidify the bond between your and your rodent on a personal level.

Sustained Interaction

To maintain the bond between yourself and your hamster, itís critical that you interact with your pet continuously over a long-term period. This isnít simply a recognition mechanism that youíre trying to maintain: hamsters are remarkably social creatures that can return an investment of attention ten-fold. Simply by playing with your hamster on, at the very least, a semi-regular basis, you can build a bond with natureís cutest rodent with a minimum of input. There really is no excuse for not devoting a few minutes of the day to petting, playing or otherwise enjoying the presence of your furry friend. Just remember, these beasts really do enjoy human interest, and the dividends youíll get in return from your animalís own idiosyncratic personality canít be measured.

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