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josh from United Kingdom
email: Joshschoolboy@hotmail.com

hi i have a hapster it hasa runny nose but no other symptoms can anyone help me on this??
Jackie from United States
email: babybear1830@yahoo.com

hi, pplz this is the best website ever and its so cute i even got the hamster club shirt its HOOOT!! lol its a graet shirt and this is a great website
Gemma from United Kingdom
email: 04royle@bpsc.co.uk

his name is cherry, he is in the gallery now! yay luvin the site!
Roxolana (roxy) from Azerbaijan
email: cosack01@yahoo.com

just luv the site!though im not from az. just live there. and i think you have the cutest website eva!!!!!
Gemma from United Kingdom
email: 04royle@bpsc.co.uk

i will post pics of him soon
mother of the gucci from England
email: caialexwill_hesm@hotmail.co.uk

I hav recently adopted a beautiful 5 month old winter white russian dwarf hamster....who despite being in a pet shop has mastered the art of climbing tube. Pictures will be posted soon.
Gemma from United Kingdom
email: 04royle@bpsc.co.uk

I have a half albin syrian hamster he has one red and one back eye does any1 else have one like him?
master_xafiq04 from Malaysia
email: master_xafiq04@yahoo.co.uk

feel so glad to found this website. it's so cool helpful... i just bought my little junsu (winter white) bout a month ago... and she seems to be so cute and adorable... love it so much... and thank you for all the info ADIOS~~~
Timo & Sabine from Germany
email: info@hamsterhuette.de

Hi, really nice page... best is your onlineshop with the souveniers ;-) Maybe u have time to visit our page aswell ;-) kind regards www.hamsterhuette.de
Micky from England

I have a hamster called stripes he is a winter white and he is soooooooo adorable i have had a hamster called sandy she died early last year and i have had stripes since 25th october he is so tiny. on the 26/8/08 he escaped and the little monster ran right under my bed (he is such an explorer and very mischevous) i might but a photo of him on soon talk to you all soon

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